In order to add two factor authentication, the user has to follow the listed steps:

1- Go to My Profile menu

My Profile Menu

2- Click on "Get Started" hyperlink under the security menu

My Profile Screen - Get Started

3- Scan the QR code shown using the "Google Authenticator" App on your mobile device. OR using the manual process, type in your email address in the "Google Authenticator" in addition to keying in the "Second-factor backup code" ex: YHSJDSKADSAJDSAJDAKEI.

 My Profile Screen - Get Started - QR code

4- After scanning the code, the "Google Authenticator" app will generate a code that needs to be keyed in in order to verify the two factor. 

My Profile Screen - Enabled Two Factor Authentication

Once all the above steps are fulfilled, the Two Factor Authentication will be set to "Enabled". The user will no longer be able to log in to their account without providing the code generated by the "Google Authenticator" app. 

For more information about how to activate Two Factor Authentication, please reference the following video: