The Rights Cloud Data Upload feature generates error messages upon the validation process of data imported into the system from template files. 

The below details error messages that could be received while validating the Parties data upload file. Also supplied is a definition of the error message to assist with user resolution of the issue.  

Error Message


Party Contact Info: Only one email address/phone number can be set as primary (Party External ID: X)

The user has set multiple email addresses or multiple phone numbers as primary for the same party. The user has to keep only one primary phone number and one primary email address.

Party Talent: First name is required

The user didn’t add a party’s First Name in the party talent tab. The user has to key in a party First Name when creating a party.

Party Talent: Company Name is required

The user didn’t add a party’s Company Name in the party talent tab. The user has to key in a Company Name when creating a party.

Party Talent: Party External Id should be unique

The uploaded excel file has two parties in the talent party tab having the same external ID. The external ID should be unique by party. The user has to change one of the duplicated external Ids

Contributor Talent: Max Characters Allowed For Party First Name: X

The uploaded party First Name in the contributor tab has more than X characters. The user has to adjust the name in order not to exceed the X characters limit.

Relationship: Party can not have multiple primary relationships

The uploaded excel file, has multiple primary relationship. A party can only have one primary relation. The user has to go to the Relationship and remove the “y” from the “Primary Contact?” column for  one of the multiple “Related Party External ID” for the same “Party Reference ID”

Relationship for Party (XYZ) : Relationship Party Not Found

The “Related Party External ID” doesn’t match any of the existing “Party’s External ID” in the system. The user has to make sure that the “Related Party External ID” is already found in the system. 

The user cannot use the “External ID” of a  party that is being created in the same excel file. 

The user has to upload and import into the system  first the party with the “External ID” that will be used as “Related Party External ID”.