The "Draft Amendment" status in Agreements allows the user to make modifications to a "Booked" Agreement. 

All Assets linked to the current "Booked" Agreement will still inherit rights from that " Booked" Agreement until the following process takes place.

1. User searches and finds the current "Booked" Agreement to be Amended. 

2. User changes the status of the current "Booked" Agreement to "Draft Amendment." 

Agreement - Agreement Status set to Draft Amendment

3. Once the "Draft Amendment" status is selected, a new version of the Agreement will be created that allows the user to complete modifications.

  • Assets linked to the Agreement will not be affected by any change made on the "Draft Amendment" version. 
  • Booked version still be can be accessed using the Versions card on the left side of the agreement.

Agreement - Versions Card

4. Once modifications are done on the "Draft Amendment" Agreement, the user has to change the status from "Draft Amendment" to "Booked". 

  • When the "Draft Amendment" becomes "Booked" the previous "Booked" version will be removed from Rights Cloud. 
  • Assets will inherit rights from the newly "Booked" Agreement and no longer will reference the historical version. 

Agreement - Booking Draft Amendment Confirmation message

For more information about Agreement Amendments, please reference the following video: